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I like tanning, sarcasm, shopping, irony, the beach, animal print, sunglasses and comics. I dislike drama, skanks, light mayonnaise, SoBe drinks, "rich girl syndrome" and eggs. I clarified my use of the word "bonus" as opposed to "step" for the purposes of my thread. But I didn't feel it necessary to respond to all those who were OFF topic and focused only on an adjective, rather than my original post.

My original post did not ask if anyone thought it was okay to ever refer to my husband's as a "bonus". Yesterday was Independence Day a holiday to spend with family and friends and enjoy -'s birthday. It was not a day to be in front of a computer screen. For those interested, I decided NOT to talk to the ex-wife. Instead, my husband handle the situation, like he always does with her. I know he do what's best for everyone. At the time I posted my original thread, I was angry at her irresponsibility and once I had a to cool down, it was much easier to the big picture.

Thanks again folks and have a great weekend! I've been there for a different reason actually my ex was just controlling. Perhaps you should look into some strategies beyond medication for managing your money and life. Excel sheets can be great tools. Come up with projected costs that you can anticipate and negotiate s for those.

For example, you need an for 'academic expenses'. You've probably been to enough to have an estimate of what you'll need ahead of time. Instead of having to ask at the last minute, you'll know that money has been budgeted and is in the. It can certainly take away the "well, what did you spend the other money I gave you on" etc. Making lists can also be helpful for some people. I understand that you are also contributing money, and it help both of you to think of it as 'our money' instead of yours and mine. You seem to recognize that you need help, and that's a big step.

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I love to drive at night just a get a way from everything. I am married and this would have to be a quiet thing. Women wants casual sex McCaysville Georgia Look, I'm a hard ass or direct so take your pick but I do have feelings believe it or not, it's not a hobby to rip someone just to rip them.

If you take the responsibility you'll also reap the benefits of the mistakes, you learn. It's part of being human. Leave your shit on your plate and your wife's on her's. You have a real hard decision in front of you, to roll the dice and if this marriage is worth saving or divorce. There were some options but I don't think an open marriage is something you would be able to stomach, that would be more like keeping the marriage going until something better comes along. That's not right and neither is staying married while you wait until the timing is better or you feel more certain about your chances of having a good life divorced.

It's time to address this crisis and come to a decision. A decision where there is no guarantee of success either way, only a direction to take. I don't like the whole line about someone 'giving' you their life, youth, ect Like that's some free pass. As a divorced person I'm am out there and I can tell you the same women. Women who 'don't like sex' suddenly are all about it because they don't have that card to play any more, they would be alone.

Your wife and you both still have the ability to treat each other the way you wanted to treat this new person, these are choices.

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Your wife has chosen not to address it with effort, have you? That's what you are going to have to decide on, is it worth the effort? Worth it knowing she still decide not to in the end but knowing you rolled the dice and TRULY tried, you go through the motions and you won't have that, you have to be willing to go down in flames and be the idiot that kicked a dead horse and ends up divorcing anyway.

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