Improve Your Appearance With Laser Treatments
By CU Dermatology Boulder
February 24, 2020
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What's your best skin look like? Is it youthful, spotless, and scar-free? Here at CU Dermatology in Boulder, CO, Dr. Anthony Parris is the dermatologist to see for a complete skin evaluation. Often, we recommend laser skin treatments in our Boulder office to smooth lines and wrinkles, remove scars, and lighten skin spots—read on to learn why.

Targeting skin problems

During a consultation, your dermatologist will evaluate your medical history, perform a comprehensive skin exam, discuss your skin goals, and advise you on what is realistically best for your health and personal appearance. This custom-made care plan may include laser skin treatments as delivered by our physician's assistant, Kimberly Bacharach.

All lasers—both medical and industrial—deliver highly-concentrated beams of light. In their dermatological applications, lasers remove skin cells in layers, improving:

  • Skin tone and texture
  • Color
  • The appearance of dark spots, freckles, and scars

In some applications, lasers correct the vascular problems associated with rosacea and its characteristic red butterfly rash. Lasers also remove acne blemishes and scars and activate collagen, the protein responsible for the smoothness, resiliency, and elasticity of your skin.

What laser treatment is right for you?

Much depends on your skin goals. CE Dermatology in Boulder offers several kinds of laser treatments, and you and your doctor will choose the one right for your needs. Examples include:

  • The LightPod NeoLaser which smooths acne scars and removes lesions
  • The Profractional laser which resurfaces the face, improving fine wrinkles, lines, and scars
  • Laser hair removal for areas of stubborn, dark, unwanted hair anywhere on the body

Most laser treatments produce little downtime. However, repeated treatments are needed, particularly for hair removal, according to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

After your laser treatment, you may notice:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Kimberly Bacharach will prepare you for your treatment and detail whatever home care and follow-up actions you may need.

Improve your personal appearance

Laser skin treatments could be the way to a refreshed, youthful you. Contact CU Dermatology Boulder today for a consultation with our team of professionals: (303) 315-9980