Bull rider seeks a cow to ride

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Rodeo cowboys say Scott Burruss supplies some of the best bulls in rodeo. Burruss credits God with providing them to him. Rodeo tidbits: A second rodeo parade will be held at 3 p.

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Saturday, starting at the rodeo ground and traveling west up Emma Avenue. The final night of the rodeo be followed by a minute fireworks show. Burruss loaded 15 of his bulls onto a cattle truck Monday afternoon and sent them from his ranch south of Newport to Springdale to buck at the Rodeo of the Ozarks.

The best of those 15 will be reserved for Saturday's performance, he said. Scott Burruss has a great eye for livestock. The bell rings or the whistle blows, and he stops bucking and walks out of the ring. A bull ride is worth a possible points -- up to 50 points can be awarded by the judges for the way a cowboy rides the bull.

The bull can earn another 50 points for the cowboy by the way it performs. Rogers was slated to ride in Springdale on Wednesday night on one of Burruss' bulls. Lee recently mentioned Rogers as an up-and-coming bull rider. He has qualified for the Championship Bull Riding finals several years and recently finished well at the professional association's Atoka Okla. Trail Riders "Xtreme Bulls" event.

Each has its own attitude and persona. People don't know a bull can be left-handed or right-handed," preferring to spin left or right as they buck, he explained. Bulls are loaded from the center of the chutes, setting each to jump out on his preferred side, he explained. The Rodeo of the Ozarks, consistently chosen as one of the top five outdoor rodeos by association members, tries to get the best bulls to attract the best cowboys, Gladden said, thus providing Northwest Arkansas rodeo fans with a good show.

Gladden explained many rodeos are held in the western part of the United States this time of year, making the Rodeo of the Ozarks off the beaten path. If a cowboy is matched with a "dinky" bull in the drawing a few weeks before the competition, he probably won't make the trip to Springdale, Gladden said.

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They want a tough son of a buck that will buck," he said. Smith compared his job to that of a general contractor. The local rodeo board hired him, and he, in turn, hires the men who work in the ring, clowns and animals.

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Burruss is a partner in the Smith Harper Morgan rodeo company. In addition to his bulls, bulls from the Andrews Rodeo Co. Rodeo Co. He handles 90 percent of our bulls.

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Bulls and horses are chosen by contestants to compete at the finals, based on the animals' performances throughout the rodeo year. Breeding programs increasingly develop bulls that like to buck, and a feeder system for bucking bulls has developed, Smith said. Smaller rodeo competitions called "futurities" showcase young bucking bulls. And sometimes bulls are pulled out of a pasture.

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Smith told of a set of bulls on a feed lot that had been bucked once. Of the four bulls, one went on to become "Hurricane," chosen to buck at both the association and Professional Bull Riders championships.

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Hillbilly will buck at the Rodeo of the Ozarks. Burruss owns about 60 bulls that are mature buckers, and another 75 or so that are 1- 2- and 3-year-olds not yet ready to buck, he said. It's best to go with that gut feeling," he said.

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Springdale rodeo seeks best stock for cowboys by Laurinda Joenks June 22, at a. Gates open at 6 p. Where: Parsons Stadium, E. Emma Ave. Information:rodeooftheozarks.

Bull rider seeks a cow to ride

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