Cosmetic Treatment

What Can Cosmetic Treatments Do For Your Skin? Come See at CU Dermatology – Boulder!


Cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and excessive sweating

Botox Cosmetic is a natural, purified protein, which in very low doses relaxes the overactive muscles that cause frown lines to form. Treatment is simple and non-surgical and smooths the deep, persistent lines between your brows that have developed overtime.

Botox, which has been safely used to treat a variety of conditions for more than 10 years, is now FDA-approved as Botox Cosmetic for the temporary treatment of frown lines in people aged 18 to 65. Your provider will determine exactly where to administer several tiny injections to achieve the best results. No anesthesia is required. Discomfort is minimal and brief. Most patients compare the sensation to a bug bite.

Within days, you’ll see a marked improvement, which may continue to improve for as long as a week. Results last about 4 months, after which lines gradually revert to their pre-treatment appearance and generally remains only in the treated muscle and gradually disappears without breaking down or traveling throughout the body.

  • How many units will I need? Typically 12-24 units of Botox are needed for the crow’s feet; 16-20 units of Botox are needed for the glabella and eyebrows; 6-25 units of Botox are needed for the forehead.
  • Can I exercise? Light stretching and/or walking is ok but avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. Avoid lying flat for 2-4 hours.
  • How should I prepare for my procedure? Notify your provider of all your medications and medical conditions. Avoid any blood thinning medication for up to one week, including NSAIDS.
  • What is brilliant distinctions and how does it work? Brilliant Distinctions (BD) is a rewards program offered by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox. This program allows you to earn points for your qualifying treatment which you can redeem for money off of future treatments.

Brilliant Distinctions

Fillers (Juvederm)

Injectable Compounds and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, help to restore lost facial volume and restore fullness. As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat resulting in more apparent smile lines and crow’s feet. Fillers are a non-invasive method of restoring volume loss and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. There is a wide variety of injectable compounds and fillers to address individual cosmetic needs. Your provider will help you evaluate your options and find the treatment best suited to achieving the desired outcome. The Juvederm™ collection of filler is made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin that helps to retain moisture and softness, while delivering nutrients and adding volume. The desired filler will be used to smooth unwanted wrinkles and add facial volume. Kybella™ Kybella is an injectable treatment used to target and destroy fat cells under the chin, improving your profile.

  • When will I see results? Results are seen immediately and fullness may continue to be seen for a few days following procedure.
  • Is the procedure painful? A topical numbing cream will be applied prior to your treatment to take the edge off.
  • Will I be swollen? Every patient is different but there is the potential for swelling and bruising.
  • Can I exercise? Light stretching and/or walking is ok but avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. Avoid lying flat for 2-4 hours and avoid touching and manipulating of the face.
  • If I have lip filler, what precautions will I need to take? Avoid sucking out of a straw and/or kissing for 48 hours.
  • How should I prepare for my filler injections? Notify your provider of all your medications and medical conditions. Avoid any blood thinning medication for up to one week, including NSAIDS.


The PhotoFacial uses gentle light and thermal energy to promote collagen production in the dermis and restore skin to a more youthful state. There is little or no discomfort involved. Treatments include the following:

  • Photofacial (BBL)
  • Rosacea, Sunspots, and Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Hand Rejuvenation

BBL (BroadBand Light) Laser PhotoFacial

A PhotoFacial is a non-invasive skin treatment performed by the Sciton® BroadBand Light Laser. The Sciton® BBL delivers light energy to the desired treatment area of the skin. The heat absorbed by the treatment area stimulates your skin cells to regenerate new collagen, restoring your skin to its natural beauty. The fine vessels that cause redness and unwanted melanin that produce pigmented lesions are eliminated. The treatments remove redness, brown spots and acne while, irregular pigmentation, sun damage and improving skin firmness. Research has shown that it is the most effective treatment for rosacea, reducing the flushing associated with it by over 90 percent. PhotoFacials are most commonly done on the face, neck, chest, and hands. However, any body area can be treated. Most patients need three to five treatments at two to four week intervals for optimal results, although you will see a marked improvement to your skin after the first treatment. By dividing the full program into several treatments, the procedure provides gradual improvements without the side effects commonly seen with other laser procedures such as prolonged wound healing, redness, and bruising.

Rosacea and Sunspots

CU Dermatology Boulder uses the Sciton® BroadBand Light Laser to reduce the side effects of rosacea such as redness and telangiectasia. Rosacea is a condition characterized by a tendency to flush easily along with redness and broken capillaries in the central facial area. This is a chronic disorder that is characterized by facial flushing and with time the gradual development of persistent facial redness and spider-like blood vessels. It is often punctuated by episodes of inflammatory papules (bumps), pustules (pimples), and swelling. Management for many people often includes avoidance of popular foods and alcohol as well as cosmetic camouflage, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Other diffuse redness including poikiloderma of civatte may be attributed by other factors such as exposure to UV rays and lifestyle, which can also be addressed by BBL lasers. The laser light destroys visible blood vessels or reduces extensive redness. The BBL laser emits pulses of light that target tiny blood vessels just under the skin. Heat from the laser’s energy builds in the vessels, causing them to disintegrate.

Pigmented Lesions

Over time, your skin is affected by exposure to UV light, which can cause pigmentary changes on the surface of the skin.  The result can be sun or age spots as well as freckles.  Some skin is affected by pigmentary changes at birth, called nevi or birthmarks.  Regardless of the pigmentary condition, the LightPod Neo can safely and effectively treat your pigmented lesion, resulting in an even and uniform skin tone.


Acne is a common condition across both youths and adults characterized by sebaceous glands being obstructed by the p. acnes bacteria.  This causes blemishes on the skin and can lead to scarring if not treated properly.  Until recently, patients could only be treated by topical or oral medications.  Now, the LightPod Neo laser can result in substantial improvement for the treatment of acne and acne scars.  The laser’s energy effectively destroys the p. acne bacteria, while restoring collagen to damaged skin.  The result is a significant clearance of active acne and visible acne scars.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a combination of heat and energy to destroy the hair follicle without harming the skin around it. During laser hair removal, the hair must be in its growing phase in order to be successfully destroyed.  To ensure that all hair is effectively removed during the growing phase, you will receive a series of treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.  This will successfully ensure maximum results.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Hands naturally lose elasticity and fat as you age, leaving them thin, wrinkled, and marked with age spots. Hand rejuvenation comprises a group of treatments combined to make hands regain a more youthful appearance. Age spots on the hands can be removed a number of ways. Retin-A and glycolic acid derivatives can be applied directly on them, causing brown spots to fade as well as making your skin look less transparent. The BroadBand Laser (BBL) laser is a more effective treatment option removing 90 to 100 percent of age spots. Other treatment options include chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Unsightly veins of the hands may be treated with lasers or by conventional sclerotherapy. The hands can be filled out with fat injections or dermal fillers. Fat cells taken from other parts of the body can be transplanted to the hand or synthetic fillers can be injected under the skin to replace the loss of fatty tissue. Results from fat transfer and synthetic fillers are immediate.

Profractional Laser Resurfacing

Profractional is a versatile fractional resurfacing laser offered here at CU Dermatology – Boulder. If you would like to see improvements on your wrinkles and fine lines, post-traumatic scars, acne scars, and/or aging and sun damaged skin, then Profractional laser may be in your best interest. Profractional is a quick laser procedure using a laser micro beam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin, and because only a fraction of the skin is directly treated with the laser, healing time is relatively quick. Profractional uses laser energy to create thousands of microscopic channels in the skin which are surrounded by areas of healthy, untreated skin. The zones of untreated skin invigorate the body’s natural healing process, and the treated areas stimulate production of new collagen, plumping up the skin and smoothing our wrinkles, lines, scars, and other irregularities. Profractional is a relatively fast procedure done in your physician’s office. The procedure normally takes 30-60 minutes depending on the condition and the size of the area treated. What is the down time? Typically 3-5 days for social down time and then make up can be worn to cover remaining redness.How will I look after my treatment? Skin will be very red and swollen. A follow up in the office is typically done the next day to have the area cleaned. Swelling can last up to two weeks. Peeling typically occurs a few days after the treatment which will reveal new skin. What should I expect during my treatment? A topical numbing cream will be applied prior to your treatment to take the edge off. When ready, the cream will be wiped off your face. During the treatment, you will have googles over your eyes for protection but will be able to hear the sound of the laser. It is a loud popping sound so feel free to bring ear buds and music. What should I bring to my treatment?Wear comfortable clothing and ear buds with music if desired.

Laser Hair Removal

The Sciton laser is an FDA approved method of permanently reducing hair on any part of the body. The pulsating light from the laser is quickly absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shaft, leaving the surrounding skin and pores protected. The temperature of the follicle raises to a high enough level to destroy the targeted follicle prohibiting future hair growth. Treatments can be done on most skin types, including ethnic and tanned skin. Multiple treatments are required because the laser only treats hairs in the active growth cycle.

Scar Revision

There are a number of techniques available to make scars look less obvious—everything from dermal filler or steroid injections to laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and surgical revision. The best treatment method will depend on several factors including the nature and severity of the scar, the thickness and color of your skin, and how you were treated medically. Even the direction of your scar will make a difference.