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March 31, — Depredations lead to lethal control for wolves in Wallowa County. Limited observations were made of the pack after reproduction was confirmed. However, the pack grew to 8 wolves and was counted as a breeding pair. One depredation incident was attributed to this pack in The Imnaha Pack was first documented in Therefore the pack was not counted as a breeding pair. Two depredation incidents were attributed to this pack in Confirmed depredation attributed to this pack in was 4 cows killed and four injured — the same as By mid-summer, the al of the radio-collared breeding female OR2 was not located, and she was not observed to be part of the pack at the end of the year.

The pack produced 7 pups inbut none were documented since late fall despite multiple observations of the pack. Two GPS radio-collars remained in the pack, the breeding male and a subadult female. The new GPS collar is the fourth applied to this particular wolf. On Tuesday, Feb.

The pound young female wolf was captured inadvertently by a local trapper who immediately notified ODFW when he discovered the wolf. ODFW was able to collar and then safely release the wolf in good condition. The trapper did exactly what he was supposed to do in this case.

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More information. There may be more pups but this is the most up-to-date for the pack. See photo of pups. December 29 — OR7 enters California. December 13 — Another cow killed by the Imnaha wolf pack. October 8 — Confirmed livestock loss pdf. September 23 — Two Imnaha pack wolves to be killed after another confirmed livestock loss. Week of September 12 — OR-7 male, 2.

May 19 — Imnaha alpha male wolf re-collared.

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May 19 — Two wolves killed in Wallowa County in effort to reduce livestock losses. May 10 — ODFW to kill two wolves in response to repeated livestock losses. April 30 — Summary of non-lethal efforts June 30, — April 30, pdf. March 2 — Imnaha wolf found dead. March 1 — Three Imnaha Wolves Collared. August 11 — Imnaha alpha male photographed by trail camera on August 11, jpg. July 14 — Four pups for Imnaha wolf pack. Wolves throughout the state of Oregon are now protected by both the federal and state ESA.

The U. Fish and Wildlife Service is now the lead management agency for wolves throughout Oregon. July 2 — USDA Wildlife Services suspends its pursuit of two wolves from the Imnaha pack, while a federal judge considers the request for an injunction against the action filed by four environmental groups.

June 29 — Summary of non-lethal efforts March 3 — June 29, pdf. The rule changes are as follows old or deleted language is strike-thru text, new language is bold and underlined. The new rule pdf. Wolves are territorial animals that can range over hundreds of square miles. Recognizing that wolves do not observe property boundaries, the new rules clarify that ODFW can authorize lethal force against wolves when they are repeatedly attacking livestock within an area.

Lethal measures can still only be taken after non-lethal measures have been unsuccessful and where no unreasonable conditions exist to cause wolf-livestock conflict. Temporary rules are in effect for days from the time they are filed with the Secretary of State.

Wolves are still being observed in the target area. Cattle are also still in the area and could be for a of months.

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Members of this wolf pack are responsible for killing at least six domestic animals calves and cows which is considered chronic livestock depredation under the Wolf Plan. The Wolf Plan authorizes state and federal agencies to use lethal control to stop chronic wolf-related depredation. The same criteria apply to this authorization as to authorizations terms.

Collared wolves cannot be killed. Also, the action is limited to an area where losses have occurred and to private property with livestock activity. June 17 - ODFW extends Wildlife Services authorization to kill two wolves for an additional week under the same terms. Pack activity appears to have shifted upslope to more forested area. ODFW is continuing with the lethal authorization and the associated target area in an effort to remove wolves that return to the upper Wallowa Valley to prey on livestock.

Update on pack: The GPS collar of the alpha male of the pack has not been detected since May 31, despite a thorough aerial search. Collars can malfunction—for example, B's the alpha female radio collar stopped working and she was not located for months. The alpha male could be dead or he could have left the area though leaving the area would be atypical behavior for an alpha male wolf.

Wildlife Services is still limited to private pastureland with livestock activity or where ODFW has ly confirmed that wolves have killed livestock. June 4 — ODFW confirms an additional calf was killed by wolves, bringing the total confirmed livestock losses to wolves in upper Wallowa Valley area since May 5 to six.

The purpose of these permits is to assist the landowners in protecting their livestock, not to set a of wolves to be killed—e. March present — ODFW and USDA Wildlife Services work with ranchers in the upper Wallowa Valley area to implement non-lethal deterrents to protect livestock from wolves including: burial of livestock carcasses that can attract wolves; radio telemetry monitoring of wolves; installation of a radio activated guard device; aerial hazing of wolves; the hiring of a wolf technician to monitor wolf activity; and increased presence around livestock by ranchers.

March 26 - Members of the Imnaha pack found within a small fenced cow pasture near a ranch house and successfully hazed away by landowners. Event triggers heightened concern among the upper valley ranching community due to large s of cows and calves present at this time of year calving season.

Radio and GPS data show the eastern portion of the upper valley is part of the territory of this pack. February - Three additional members of Imnaha pack are captured and radio collared by ODFW including the alpha male, which is collared with a GPS collar that stores location information every six hours. Summer —Evidence is found that B mated and produced her first litter of pups in Original radio collar is non-functioning and in July she is recaptured trapped by ODFW and fitted with a new radio collar.

This allows ODFW to monitor the location of the new pack. May 4 — Wolves in the eastern third of Oregon east of highways78 and 95 are de-listed from the federal Endangered Species Act. January — B, the current alpha female of Imnaha pack, is visually observed in northeast Oregon. B is an Idaho collared wolf that dispersed to Oregon. Imnaha alpha male photographed by trail camera on August 11, Click to view larger image. Report wolf sightings online or call your nearest field office. All rights reserved.

Find Imnaha

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