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If you could make an adult wish-list, you'd probably burn your way through two or three notep. While everything you need these days may not be within your budgetwe have deals on 25 must-have gizmos and gadgets that definitely won't break the bank, giving you an excuse to treat yourself.

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Thanks to this charger's 1,mAh battery capacity, you can give your phone more than three hours of power when there's no outlet in sight. You can fit it right into your pocket or hang it on your keys. Deemed the world's smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker, you can create a unique listening experience no matter where you are. And at a price like this, you can easily use two of them to create real surround sound, and they'll last up to three hours per charge. At just three inches tall, this little speaker packs a powerful punch, providing you with 10 hours of continuous play that you can connect to any device via Bluetooth.

You can even use it to take calls, hands-free, thanks to its built-in microphone. Enjoy fresh juice, free of pulp and seeds, with this exquisite artisan device that brings a touch of class to any countertop. An award-winning electric toothbrush, this gizmo has been proven to effectively remove plaque and prevent gingivitis, complete with whitening care brush he with unique diamond-shaped bristles that buff your teeth to shiny, white perfection.

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A fantastic alternative to chemical-heavy sprays and medications, this gadget uses heat and vibration technology to safely remove the sting and itch from pesky bug bites, and it's completely safe for everyone in the family to use. And thanks to its small, portable de, you can stick it in your gym locker, refrigerator, car, or wherever else odors wreak havoc. Get rid of unsightly clutter with this clever charging dock that can juice up your smartphone, AirPods case, and Apple Watch in one go. And since it charges your devices wirelessly and boasts a sleek, solid walnut exterior, this thing can make any tabletop look good.

Whether it's an at-home movie night or a birthday party, this moon lamp lets you illuminate the room in any of its 16 programmed colors, even allowing you to dim it, all with the touch of a button. It's even safe to use in kids' rooms. Take pride in your cannabis with a set that you can easily display around your home, just as you would a wine or figurine collection. It features air-tight containers and vials and uses a color-coded system along with an accompanying app to help you stay organized as ever. Unless you want to find out more about your "car's extended warranty," this subscription thwarts spam calls instantly using a predictive call blocking algorithm.

Thanks to this highly-rated VPN's more than servers around the world, you can get complete online protection for life from just about anywhere, never worrying about speed or bandwidth limits. Considered "the most elegant aluminum quick access wallet on the market," this gadget can store up to 12 cards, almost entirely flat. And thanks to the fact that it's RFID blocked and splash-proof, you can bet your cards will be safer than ever. The program also lets you sync footage, schedule downlo, add watermarks, and so much more.

Enjoy the many benefits of body detox without ever leaving your bed thanks to this sauna blanket that uses deep far-infrared heat to cleanse the body and burn anywhere from to calories per session.

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And its fabrics are completely toxin-free, ensuring a safe, peaceful experience. Completely breathable and free of dangerous toxins, these sheets ensure better sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable. Used by MLB organizations, Olympic teams, and more than colleges, this athletic training software helps you perfect your swing like nothing else, all from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or computer.

You'll get access to hundreds of specialized HD videos and immediate feedback, just like having a real live coach by your side as you practice.

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You can't live forever, but this service collects and stores your DNA in a time capsule, ensuring your story lives on as humanity speeds into the future. You can even watch it launch into space, where it will be sent to the moon on a lunar lander! This award-winning educational toy takes your child on a journey around the world, learning about different animals, cultures, music, and more, complete with fun quizzes, games, and even a pretend passport. Take a deep breath and enjoy up to 48 hours of continual misting, covering as much as square feet.

From its zeolite water treatment system that ensures pure, clean mist to its built-in light mode for nighttime use, this thing is a must-have during the dry months. Don't have room for a garden at home? Thanks to this modern hydroponic vertical garden system, you can grow your own food, pesticide-free, inside your home, no matter how little space you have.

Whether you want to air-fry, grill, roast, bake, or even dehydrate, this gadget lets you cook just about anything with its eight cooking functions and air-fryer lid. Easy to operate and clean, you can prepare healthy meals the entire family can enjoy, never needing to use much butter or oil. Even if videos aren't compatible with your device, the system will handle it, no problem, with hardware-accelerated transcoding. Deed to give side-sleepers the best night's sleep possible, this pillow conforms to your head and neck, effectively preventing chronic pain.

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It even contains a cooling gel to ensure you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Weighing only 3 ounces, this umbrella is lighter than your phone — yet it's over 17 times stronger than steel! Ozy Media is a media startup widely believed to cook its traffic s and the New York Times has reported out its shenanigans in amazing fashion. Today in the humble history of the internet: the very first webcam was invented in because computer science researchers at the University of Cambridge just wanted to see if there was coffee in the break room.

The personal data of more than million T-Mobile users is for sale online and the company says it is investigating the claim.

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Joseph Cox at Vice first reported on the forum post touting the cache, which offers names, addresses, social security s and phone s. Whether you're an aspiring comic book artist or a budding graphic deer, there is lots of opportunity in the art world. But with traditional art courses costing a pretty penny, you'll become a "starving artist" long before you ever get to enjoy any success. Let's talk about wine. Wine's symphonic way of blending aromas and flavors are why the great Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote, "Wine is bottled poetry.

Whether it's a website, promotional content, or your personal social mediaphotos and videos just aren't what they used to be — and if you've ever employed a handy "pretty" filter on a selfie, you know exactly what that means. TWEET shop.

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