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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

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They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. A Spanish English dictionary is incredibly valuable for translating Spanish to English, helping Spanish or English learners with learning new words, verb conjugations and more.

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A good bilingual Spanish English dictionary won't just offer you definitions and translations of words in both languages, it will also provide those words in context with example phrases and word usage tips so you won't find yourself lost in translation. Printable grammar crossword puzzles are available online. There are also sites where you can create your own crossword puzzles and other word puzzles and print them out. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Searching Searching sentence example searching.

He was searching for something. She nodded, searching the room again for Alex. Finally he sucked a couple times and then began searching again. An article on young girl reported missing from her Worcester home brought back memories of Betsy searching for more details on similar disappearances. She closed her eyes, searching for the home videos. She moved away from Darkyn to stand in front of Gabriel, searching his gaze.

Fred grabbed for the map and began searching. For instance, searching for "Chinese" in the grocery and gourmet foods at Amazon. Was he searching for answers?

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He paused, as if searching for a tasteful word. Between Betsy's internet searching and Quinn's calculations the location we sought was found. He didn't seem to be there to burglarize the place; it was like he was searching for something. She peered behind them, as if searching to see if he'd been followed. The Deans knew they couldn't simply keep Martha without reporting her arrival to the Midwest authorities that were searching for the girl as a kidnapping victim, and her mother as a fleeing fugitive.

Nicholas Rostov turned away and, as if searching for something, gazed into the distance, at the waters of the Danube, at the sky, and at the sun. Searching using a search engine is one way. Searching for an apartment located just a little further away from your vacation hotspot could save you a ificant amount of money. Even if you don't have the slightest idea where to start, use the tips below to start searching for the right toy. Find Gift. While you are searchingcheck out wholesale, close-out and liquidation forums as well as the various wholesale communities you will find.

You don't have to be satisfied with searching through already made frames or spending hours creating the perfect frame from scratching. It should be one of your first stops when searching for gemstone be online. Just type in the product you're searching for followed by "reviews" and you'll probably find more about it than you could ever read in a day! Go to their website and after searching for Jerry Garcia Ties, click on the button "Find It in a Store" to see if it is available at your local Macy's.

Also, searching out things to do or places to go is a snap. Freecycle allows people to give away items for free to those who are searching for them. While you are searching online, if there is a country that doesn't import iPods, but they are offering too-good-to-be-true prices, they are probably fakes.

All you need to do is enter the item you are searching for to get a list of retailers who carry it as well as their prices. Locating shops and companies that sell bicycles wholesale may have you searching on the Internet more often than not, but if you are savvy enough, you can find a local seller with a good selection.

You want to find holes in the market where people are searching for something, but not many others are carrying it, or no one else is carrying it in great quantities with a wide selection. Do some searching around to find companies that offer many things that you want to buy, then make your purchases from them to meet the minimum purchase requirement.

Sure, a Mac may be more expensive than comparable PC computers, but with only a little extra searchingyou can knock a few hundred dollars without much trouble. The process does not have to be difficult, and you can get started on the process right now by searching for products online. To find the best deals you will probably need to do some online searching. One advantage of searching different stores is that the pricing will almost always be the same, unless you find refurbished computers.

Well, that just depends on how you go about searching for a Mac computer. This website is particularly useful if you're searching for particular plants for your garden. You can come up with a long list of links to online stores that sell wholesale plastic candy corn by searching keywords along with your locality name.

As stated earlier, you can get a marvelous deal on a set of used golf clubs by searching online or in the local paper, but just because the price is right doesn't mean that the clubs are worth purchasing. Never forget to check Amazon. Searching the Internet is probably your best option. Keep things like string, paper clips and other tiny objects tucked away in drawers safe from searching paws.

If you're looking for bargains, try searching for after-Christmas clearance sales. It will scan the surface, first making sure you cat has left the box, then searching for litter clumps to dispose. A bit of searching at your local pet supply or online will show you even more inexpensive bedding for your favorite felines. Are you searching for Siamese kittens in Oregon and having a bit of difficulty finding exactly what you're looking for?

The list below is a good place to start, but searching locally for a Siamese to adopt is a good idea as well. Have you been searching for non allergenic cats that would allow you to set your allergies aside and share your life with a feline companion? If this doesn't provoke an allergic reaction in you, then perhaps you've finally found those elusive non allergenic cats you've been searching for.

Searching Google should turn up a of web s with do it yourself cat tree plans on them. When searching for your cat's perfect food, you'll want to know which specific ingredients to look for. You may find a Siberian cat more easily by searching the Internet rather than trying to find one locally. When you're searching for ridiculous cat videos, be prepared for considerable repetition.

When searching for free online books for kids, you'll discover that there are two different options available. There are many resources you can use if you're searching for suggested books for reading in the fifth grade. Some holiday books for preschoolers focus on images, searching and object labeling.

Whether it's your son, a nephew, a mentee, or a student, listen to what he has to say about his interests, and let that information be your guide when searching for potential books. When you start searching for a way to review your FICO, you will probably come across a lot of businesses offering you a free score.

Asking for a raise at your current position or searching for a new job. This may involve paying off old debts, making arrangements with creditors, searching for evidence of identity theft, or clearing up incorrect information. There are plenty of options to choose from when searching for prepaid cards. This means that you should limit your use of balance transfers and not get into the habit of frantically searching for a low interest rate balance transfer every time an introductory rate is about to expire. He stuck his hands in his back pockets and frowned, his gaze searching hers.

His face was above hers, the blue eyes tender and searching. She vowed to keep searching. Let's all agree to sit on this for a week and do some soul searching.

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The storm made the forest pitch dark; therefore, searching was useless until it abated. She began to paw at her computer keyboard, searching. But you don't need those s; I understand you've done your homework searching public records.

The perp did a quick job of searching the house before we got here. Surely some would have devoted a life to science, dissecting the Mayan language or the searching out demise of the Anasazi Empire. Spread everyone out and have them start searching. The records I alone can read with my magic are in this hallway, which is a pain in the ass when it comes to searching for things. I want to hear the woman who lives by the motto of no apologies, no regrets, who told me once that her own soul searching taught her to live, doesn't want my help turning that three months into eternity.

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Bored, restless, fearful, she retreated to the back of the cave, searching it again for any sort of door or anything that might aid her escape. At his quiet response, she faced him, searching his gaze. She repeated the phrase over and over, searching for another meaning.

Or Romas would come searching for her. The access pad was useless, the clothing unit jammed, the communication monitor too covered with handprints from her searching to work right. She paused, as if searching for the right words, then continued. I found these when I was searching for the picture of Reverend and Mrs.

Victor will be searching for us. They have been searching for this Victor for some time now. Sarah was a hopeless romantic, constantly searching for her 'soul mate'. He stood in the parking lot searching for her and sniffed the air. The bounty of New England's autumn surrounded them, and the sun reflected off the leaves as if it were playing with the tone, searching for the perfect combination of pigment. Jackson walked around taking in the art, and searching for three oils he intended to buy. Searching her eyes, he said, "Then I will surely break my own.

She went to one of her bookcases, searching the many leather bound volumes. He held her face in his hands, searching her eyes. Tell me, are you still all doe-eyed and searching for happily-ever-after, or have you come to your senses? She made a job of searching through the cabinet for the cat food and avoided his gaze as she handed him the box. No doubt Tessa was in labor and searching for a private place to give birth - some place high in the rocks, away from the water, but sheltered from the wind.

Greenie's got us searching under every rock. Her searching gaze lingered on him. While I'm searching the ground for footprints, you think you can find her using the technological powerhouse you're sitting on? She moved as far as she dared from the rock, searching for him. The cubes were gone. Swiping at lively bushes, she inched forward, searching for the cubes. Toby closed his eyes, focusing hard on searching the memories of all the angels that came before him. I'm searching the angel memories to see why.

Maybe they don't like Immortals. In a couple of years, I won't have so many problems searching the memories. It'll be instantaneous, like that! He was still searching and putting things back together when Officer Jack McCarty and his female partner Jenny Nachman arrived, with the doctor close on their heels. Aside from a wasted 20 minutes searching for gas in New Brunswick and a missed exit on the Garden State Parkway, the trip was uneventful.

Dean spent a pocket full of coins before he found the one housing the person for whom he was searching. She shook her head, searching his face for some explanation of the chill in his response to her. Within an hour, they were riding side-by-side down the south bank of the creek, searching for the blocked area.

Looking and Searching for you

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