Looking for a boxing partner

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Use social media — Not finding the right person in your inner circle?

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Cast the net wider on Facebook or twitter. It just makes sense to see if you can work out as a team too. Ask a trainer — Trainers and other gym personnel are in a great position to know who else at your gym has a similar skill level, or is also training for a marathon. They also may be able to facilitate an introduction, removing the awkwardness of introducing yourself. Take a group class — Classes are often separated by skill level, already narrowing the pool of candidates.

Plus, hanging around after class gives you the perfect chance to casually strike up a conversation.

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Try a buddy finder app — Some people use Craigslist or Meetup. Wellsquad and Fitfuse are just two of the many new apps geared toward finding workout partners. Ask around to see if there are any that are popular in your area. Similar schedules — Nine tenths of being a great workout buddy is just showing up. So, sometimes just finding someone who wants to work out at the same time as you is as good as gold.

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Plus, chances are you already know if you can tolerate each other. See who else does the same exercises or uses similar weight and strike up a conversation. Just be aware that they may prefer working out alone. Do it virtually — Sometimes the best schedule is no schedule at all.

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Looking for a boxing partner

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