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With more than 80 locations across North America and the largest inventory of two-way radios in the U. No matter the size or complexity of your project, you never have to worry about making the right choice. We offer full lifecycle support, developing the exact solution you need to begin or improve your team's communication system. Our pre-engineering experts can replicate and innovate products and services, ensuring the best performance and integration throughout your facilities. We process most orders in just 24 hours, using our coast-to-coast U.

No matter your two-way radio needs, BearCom is here for you - from Lynndyl, Utah and beyond. The lightweight, rugged, and IPrated waterproof de makes it a top choice for excellent audio quality and superior coverage in any industry. The Motorola SL is deed for ease of use, featuring an ultra-slim de, curved edges, and a short antenna that can fit comfortably in a hand or pocket. Despite its small size, this radio offers enhanced range in a compact casing. Boasting a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use de, the BCD offers the coverage and clarity of cutting-edge DMR digital technology. Most radios deated for business use must go through an FCC process that includes FCC coordination, granting of the by the FCC and finally construction notification to the FCC when you start operating your two-way radio system.

This is a great radio to get up and running fast and being digital and on the mhz frequency band means you can expect excellent range with secure and private channels. In addition to traditional group calling that you would expect with a two-way radio system, the DTR also allows you to make and receive private calls from an easy to use contact list that you can see on its color display.

The XPRe features advanced audio quality, up to 16 channel capacity and an exceptionally long lasting battery. The Motorola XPRe series features cutting-edge technology, superior functionality, and affordability. When you and your employees depend on their two-way radio for critical communication and need both best in class audio quality and durability, then the Motorola XPRe is a perfect choice.

Built with both digital and analog capabilities, this device can help build a fully digital radio fleet. Utilize superior audio, voice, and data capabilities, enhanced with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. If you are looking for a radio will the feature sets of the XPRe, but with the size and weight of a small smartphone, then look no further than the Motorola SLe.

The SLe is one of the smallest, advanced radios on the market and the full color display gives you many advanced tools, such as contact lists for private calling and work ticket management integration. This is a great radio for executives or anyone looking for a light two-way radio that could fit in your pocket. The TLK was deed by Motorola for users that need a simple, reliable way to communicate over a large area like a City or State.

Unlike traditional two-way radios that operate on frequencies, the TLK operates on the Verizon Nationwide network. The CMd two-way radio is deed for your business needs. Enhanced audio, capacity, and coverage have been combined with the latest technology to provide an industry-best solution. This two-way radio is a cost-effective solution that supports reliable on-the-road communication. The CMd offers ease of use, affordability, programmability, audio clarity, range, and a compact de.

To make your radio system transition from analog to digital as inexpensive and seamless as possible, Motorola gives you options. But if you are going digital today or want to buy the version that can do both analog and digital right away, The CMd and CMd digital versions are the best choice. Digital radios give you better range, clearer audio quality, enhanced privacy and advanced features.

Continue to operate on analog or introduce digital capabilities with its dual mode capabilities. This DMR standard digital two-way radio allows you to utilize wireless communication through Bluetooth audio and data. This radio features 1, channels, a full-color Alphanumeric display, and superior audio, enhanced by Intelligent Audio for background noise reduction. The fully Enabled version of the Motorola XPRe has all the same features and form factor as the Capable version, but with the added benefit of WiFi enablement for over-the-air-programming. Additionally, while the Capable version can be upgraded to work on advanced Motorola repeater systems like Connect Plus and Capacity Max, the XPRe fully Enabled model can be programmed to work on all these systems right away.

This next-generation radio improves productivity with Work Order Ticketing and text messaging capabilities. The Enabled version is for the advanced Connect Plus or Capacity Max Motorola repeater system user or those that want to perform programming or firmware upgrades to their radios through WiFi, rather than bringing in each radio one at a time to be programmed on a computer. The Motorola TLK operates on the Verizon Cellular Network, but offers the simplicity of a traditional two-way radio mobile that can be mounted inside a vehicle.

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Motorola was the first company to explore and develop the mobile communications industry. This innovation continues in their two-way radios and communication solutions. From small businesses to first responders in Lynndyl, Utah, Motorola is trusted to provide reliable communication at the most critical times. Along with excellent two-way radio devices, Motorola provides industry-leading software for their products. Regular updates and premium features keep their customers ahead of the curve and thriving through all industry changes. Additional infrastructure and cybersecurity services ensure dependable system operation at all times.

BearCom has partnered with Motorola to become their largest Distributor and Integrator in the world. As an industry leader, Motorola provides trusted products that have passed the most stringent accelerated life testing.

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Their quality control ensures we always provide the best communications devices to our customers. From elementary schools to universities, our two-way radio systems provide the tools you need to improve campus security. Reliable communication allows your security team to better connect and coordinate, increasing productivity. Adding a personalized and customized two-way radio solution to your security measures connects staff, faculty, and security, keeping students safe in any situation. When hosting guests, their safety is a top priority. During a medical crisis, natural disaster, or security issue, you can trust that your team will stay connected and aware.

Enhance communication with data, video, and voice solutions for your facility management team. Whether you provide security, operations management, or maintenance, our wireless solutions will help you improve efficiency and help you meet your budgetary goals. When dealing with flammable materials and harsh environments, you need a communications system you can rely on.

Our two-way radios systems offer the capabilities you need to keep your team connected and ready to solve dangerous situations. Our equipment and services give you the resources you need to prevent injuries, disasters, and even death. You manage a large team, so you depend on your communications solutions to keep your team in touch from numerous locations.

The right two-way radio system connects employees both within and without their departments. Increased communication increases your productivity, improves safety, and reduces downtime for better overall. As a public safety team, hundreds of people depend on you for safety and guidance in the face of danger. BearCom two-way radio solutions keep your team connected and aware in times of trouble and day-to-day routines.

With over 11, Public Safety agencies using our products around the world, you can trust in the resources you rely on. Unite your caregivers, administrators, and security staff with reliable two-way communication. When lives are in the balance, you can use our two-way radio solutions to coordinate quick, effective responses to any situation. Improved communication streamlines day-to-day processes, allowing you to provide better patient care and experiences throughout your healthcare facility. Your construction team is a fine-tuned machine that depends on quality connections.

The right communication solution can help you coordinate, direct, and collaborate with your team. As the jobsite grows more efficient, you can keep jobs on-time and within budget. Keep your team and projects safe and productive with the addition of a better communications system.

Transportation and logistics require a lot of moving parts. Reliable two-way communication optimizes operations and security at any manufacturing or warehouse facility. With your radio solution, you can streamline production, increase efficiency, and maximize safety to develop a system that limits errors and helps you reach your goals.

During a security issue or production halt, you can keep your team connected and responsive. In the evolving word of restaurant management, your teams need efficient ways to enhance the customer experience. Restaurants use two-way radios to coordinate seating, communicate with the back of kitchen staff for order pick up and cleaning, manage security and even to more effectively deliver curbside pick up.

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BearCom has many Motorola two-way radios that are perfect for retail, distribution and restaurants. Few events go exactly as planned, so your team relies on their two-way radio systems to meet and overcome any challenges that occur. BearCom provides communication solutions for numerous large-scale events in North America, providing the technical support needed to offer incredible experiences. For Industrial or Manufacturing turnarounds, BearCom has the right device and accessories to support your teams.

Our radios include features such as intrinsically safe, man down, GPS tracking, hands-free operation, and more to ensure the safety and security of your operations. In addition, BearCom has a fleet of deployable vehicles and trailers located across the country to provide the infrastructure and on-site support for the most remote event locations. Our trained and certified field engineers are communications specialists that can be relied upon when it comes to deploying and managing solutions to meet our most discriminating customers.

When your team is moving around your facility or event, they need a dependable way to stay connected and coordinate their efforts. Many of our handheld radios are deed to fit easily in the hand or pocket, making communication quick and convenient. These devices put safety first, using features such as GPS tracking and push-to-talk technology to enable immediate responses to emergency situations. BearCom portable radio systems are ideal for any industry, including hospitals, amusement parks, casinos, manufacturing plants, and more.

To help you fully expand your two-way communication, we offer desktop base station devices and repeaters for your communications system. Repeaters are used to extend the range of your portable, mobile and base station radios. The communication sent through your handheld, mobile or base radios are transmitted through the repeater, reaching farther than they could on their own. All of our Motorola Repeaters are custom configured for your location and needs.

Our expert consultants help you choose the right location for your Repeater, as well as all the custom components that must be determined such as antenna type, mounting hardware, frequency coordination, cabling, duplexers and more. Radio over Internet Protocol RoIP is a two-way digital communication process that sends transmission through the internet. Once connected, you can then link up to 15 sites through your internet network. You can also use a Motorola Linked Capacity Plus or Capacity Plus Multi-Site option to connect up to five sites with expansive channel capacity requirements to your Motorola radios.

For a larger system, you can also use the RoIP Capacity Max option to connect up to sites to your communication system. When managing and working in a hazardous environment, reliable communication is critical to preventing injuries and saving lives. We use special batteries, housing, and electronics systems to control heat, friction, and the potential for short circuiting. When using one of our Intrinsically Safe radios, you can have peace of mind about their reliability and safety.

Lynndyl UT dating personals

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