Madison Wisconsin or discreet sex

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Taylor Hughes. These days, young singles are not going out for dinner and a movie anymore. At bars and house parties across campus, hookups are such a commonplace occurrence that the practice has come to replace more steady, serious romantic and sexual relationships for many college students at Madison. But the phenomenon of hooking up is not just a peripheral part of the college experience. And at a major party school such as UW, with an intensely prevalent drinking culture, increasing s of students are finding it much easier to just jump into the hookup lifestyle.

Many students may opt for hooking up over either causal dating or a serious relationship because of its relative ease, coupled with a campus atmosphere rife with booze, a sense of sexual freedom and an overriding emphasis on school and career over romantic commitment. Nevertheless, Mike said the prevalence of hookups does not mean students are uninterested in a more serious romantic relationship. In fact, one of his hookups — who was also a good friend — just recently became his girlfriend.

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According to UW sociology professor John Delamater, seriously dating someone allows students to develop needed social skills that are crucial in being able to eventually hold down a long-term relationship — namely marriage. You can be really good at picking someone up and getting them into bed. But many students admit that though they participate in hookups, deep down they actually might prefer seriously dating someone.

Some students say hooking up has its place, but it should not substitute students pursing more serious relationships. Delamater said the difficulty many students face when trying to initiate a date is the result of changing rules governing dating.

Many students find themselves baffled about the simple rules to dating in a world where the practice has come to seem almost obsolete. Students may find themselves in a difficult spot if they want to find a serious relationship, in large part because they are looking in the wrong places.

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Too many times, young people choose to try to find a partner in settings heavily laden with alcohol. But many students say that while they are keeping an eye open for a potential long-term partner in college, the hookup lifestyle will suffice as long as they are looking. Yet while men and women are keeping themselves occupied by hooking up as they wait for a more serious relationship to come along, one gender may find the culture of casual sex on campus more fulfilling than the other.

In short, girls may be participating in hookups just as much as men, but they are reacting very differently. But many men on campus argue both sexes are equally responsible for — and equally enjoy — the hookup culture on campus. It takes both parties to be up for it.

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Yet experts point to the fact women are often disappointed by hookup experiences as evidence the phenomenon may disproportionately benefit men. Indeed, the whole hookup experience can leave women not just emotionally unfulfilled, but also sexually unsatisfied. Since women physiologically need more stimulation and attention during sex, they may need a partner who is more attentive to their needs to reach the same level of sexual satisfaction as men.

Their physical safety — particularly sexual health — is at risk as well. Due to the fact young people often have one-night stands while intoxicated, their judgment is often impaired when hooking up, resulting in poor decisions they might have chosen differently in another — more sober — situation. But many students do not seem to take that advice to heart.

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According to Spear, the most common time students have sex is on weekends between 1 and 2 a. Nevertheless, most young people are well educated about using protection when having sex, particularly because they have never known what is it like to live in a world without the threat of AIDS. Positive pregnancy rates on campus have dipped from 13 percent in to between six and seven, in part because of emergency contraceptive use.

Yet problems are still arising. A major issue is the incorrect use of condoms when people are drunk, resulting in little to no protection during sex. Additionally, many people do not use condoms when engaging in non-vaginal sex. In fact, the percentage of Type 1 herpes typically resulting from oral sex has soared on campus from 30 to 70 percent of all herpes cases contracted. And it is the sexual risks and the emotional toll hookups take on many college students that is causing a of young people to forswear the practice altogether.

Jennifer, a UW senior, said after having several hookups she found the experience unsatisfying and not enjoyable, and she has not had one since. Above all, being sexually intimate with someone she hardly knows bothered her more than anything else.

She added, however, that hooking up can have its benefits for young people on campus, particularly those who are single, searching and feeling extremely sexual. Share Tweet This article was published Dec 9, at am and last updated Dec 9, at am.

Madison Wisconsin or discreet sex

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