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Home » City Guides » St. Petersburg Dating Guide. This beautiful city at the mouth of the Gulf of Finland is where the modern international dating world was born in the s from the rubble of the old Soviet Union because the DNA of St. Petersburg is full of a much older, more elegant, and sexier past.

Petersburg is the second-largest city in the Russian Federation, behind Moscow with a population of over 5 million people. The city was initially built to give Russia a port on the Baltic to help increase trade with Europe and as a forward operating base for his ongoing war with Charles XII of Sweden. Petersburg became a Russian Xanadu. An elegant statement of Russian power and intentions to become a great European state — not an Asian backwater dominated by Mongols and Turks for most of the years.

The de St. Petersburg was overtly influenced by what Peter saw on this excursion. Peter spared no expense hiring Italian architects bringing in engineers and craftsmen from across Europe and importing the best materials. The heavy labor was done by hundreds of thousands of Russian serfs guarded by the army and literally thousands died to build, but by the city was sufficiently complete for Peter to move the capital from Moscow, a city he believed was dark, dreary, and dangerous.

And this is an important reason why St. Well, successful dating is a lot like successful business, successful football, or successful war. You need to know their strengths weaknesses and tendencies before you saddle up and go off to sell shoes, walk on to the field, or parachute into the night. The same thing is true of dating. Yes, there are a lot of reasons why there are so many Russian women looking for Western menbut you need to understand those reasons and how to make the situation favor your approach.

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And to effectively scout the situation you need to take some time to watch a little game film on Russian men. Russian men are facing a lot of issues, but this is not Alcoholism and substance abuse are still a huge issue for Russians from all walks of life, but especially the middle-class guys you might be competing against.

Look at these amazing Russian women!

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If you pay attention one of the first things you will notice is that Russian guys do not chat as much as the average American men and they are not even close to men from Australia or New Zealand. In fact, if you get a chance at a Russian airport or train stop and listen.

There will often be scores or even hundreds of men around and you might not be able to hear a single man speaking.

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This probably goes back to the days of the Soviet Union, when talking to much was worse for your health than smoking or drinking too much — far worse. If you are a salesman or a lawyer or have another profession where you deal with the public a lot you have a real advantage. Just talk to a Russian woman. Ask her opinion and listen to what she says.

She will be happy to hear that you are talking and listening. This might be the only dating tip you need, but there are more things to consider. When a Russian man is crazy about a woman they are completely crazy. They treat a woman like she is the only one.

Russian men are generally take-charge kind guys.

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As a foreign man, you want to do the positive things that a good Russian man will do without slipping into the negatives. So, when you do decide you are really interested in a Russian mail order bride you have to shift into high gear and press the gas pedal all the way to the floor. The really gorgeous Russian women have seen some impressive game and they are going to expect it — not on the first date or even the second, but at some point if you are truly interested in a woman you need to simply give it everything you ever have if you want to win the heart of a smart, educated, and Russian woman.

So, you have to try hard. Maybe you have never been a Navy SEAL, scored the game winning touchdown in the closing seconds of a state championship game, or finished first in your law school class, but you have done something amazing. And you have to show that sort of dedication, energy, and imagination to win the hand of a hot St. Petersburg girl because they expect that sort of deeply romantic behavior. You also have to avoid the traps and the biggest trap is alcohol. That is the best rule or if you do drink as moderately as you possibly can. You are not going to impress a Russian fitness model with how much you can drink.

These girls have seen the effects of heavy drinking and if you can be fun, positive, energetic, and as dry as Kanas even the most jaded model in St. Petersburg will be impressed. Seriously, being fun without drinking will amaze ladies all over Eastern Europe. Most Russian men — even the best guys — have a tough time pulling this off, and it had an incredible effect on your average super sexy Russian girl because she just has never seen it. When you visit St. Petersburg watch the men. See how they treat their women. Copy their most positive actions and toss the crazy stuff that causes so many problems.

Because Russian women generally know that good men are hard to come by, and to have a guy become part of your life means behaving like an actual woman, and not a spoiled brat. If you still do not understand why there are so many Russian mail order brides follow this link and read the article. So, you can look forward to meeting women who are incredibly good looking. Because there is a real argument that the women of St.

Petersburg are the hottest women in the world. You really have to visit the city to appreciate how insanely hot these women are, but it all goes back to Peter the Great, the tsar who turn a patch of swampy forest into a European city that rivaled and sometimes exceeded Paris, Vienna, or Rome for its ambiance and class. After he moved the capital of Russia from Moscow to St. Petersburg the city became a hot bed for stunning young women from across Europe. If she happened to be your wife — all the better — but if she was not Peter did not care and in fact might steal her from you for the evening which might be just the way to get your idea approved or gain a promotion.

So, St. Petersburg quickly a magnet for the most beautiful women in Russia and beyond. Part of the issue was that the vast majority of all Russians were serfs or semi-slaves tied to the land until the institution of serfdom was abolished by Tsar Alexander II in Many of the most beautiful serf girls ended up in St. Petersburg as mistresses to the nobility, but many more ended up working as household servants of one sort or another because having the most beautiful servants was a point of honor to many members of the nobility, both men and women.

Petersburg also developed a large fashion industry that quickly rivaled Paris and it became a center of ballet and theater. Plays were often performed in French and operas in Italian. So, for about two hundred years St. Petersburg was an entertainment capital on par with something like Hollywood or Broadway. That also brought stunning young ballerinas and actresses from across Russia, but also from across Scandinavia and Northern Germany. And the DNA of those beauties is obviously flowing in the toned bodies of the beautiful women of St. But it is also clear in their behavior.

These women take care of themselves and they are very fashion conscious.

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The Russian nobility is long gone, but these ladies carry themselves with the class and grace of princesses. Petersburg might just be an option for a lot of single guys. Another major perk is that St. Petersburg ladies are educated, and more than capable of holding a conversation with you on current affairs. This is a refreshing change to meeting women whose only real concern is what the Kardashians are doing this week, or who won Celebrity Big Brother.

What do they look for in guys? Seriously, guys, they have absolutely no time for any guy who spends his days thinking and acting like a woman. Although women in St. Petersburg have no real issue with dating older guys, you tend not to see much of an age gap between couples. You will find women in their twenties willing to date a guy in his fifties, but just not as many of them as in Kiev or Moscow.

This is part of her wanting an alpha male who can not only protect her but provide for her too. Being a cheapskate on a date in St. Petersburg is the quickest way to bring a great date to a screeching halt. Not only that, but Russian girls are usually very patriotic — they love their city and their country. One easy way of breaking the ice here is to ask a girl if she could show you some of the highlights of the city.

Doing this shows her that you care enough to learn more about her culture without trying to get her into bed straight away, and it also gives you a chance to practice your Russian.

Petersburg single female

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