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Cortland R. Wade-Bailey, 26, pleaded not guilty in Vermont Superior Court to a single count of aggravated repeated sexual assault. He will be held until July 9 when a bail hearing will determine what, if any, conditions he can be released under.

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In the meantime he is not allowed contact with the complaining witness. According to an affidavit by Vermont Detective Trooper Robert Zink, on June 13 he was informed by the Department for Children and Families that a year-old girl had reported being sexually assaulted by Wade-Bailey when she was 14 years old.

On June 18, Zink spoke with the girl and her mother. The girl said she disclosed being raped to her friend after they had attended prom together, but they agreed not to talk about it. The girl said she met Wade-Bailey through Facebook because he had once been friends with a relative of hers.

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She said he indicated through Facebook that he wanted to have sex with her. She told him she was 14 years old, but he still pursued a friendship with her. In April she went to a friend's house and told Wade-Bailey about it.

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He picked her up from there and took her to where he lives in Shaftsbury despite her saying she did not want to go. She followed him inside where he began to give her a back massage. He then had sex with her. She said she did not want this, but said nothing to stop him. They went to sleep, and she woke up to him again having sex with her. She said nothing that time either, but when Wade-Bailey had sex with her twice more into the early morning hours it hurt her and she told him clearly to stop several times, only he did not.

In the morning she received a text from her mother asking where she was. She told her mother she was still at her friend's house and got Wade-Bailey to drive her there so she could be picked up.

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She did not tell her mother about the incident, thinking she would be angry, but she told some of her friends and word eventually got around to her mother. The girl said she continued to deny anything had happened. There she learned she had the sexually-transmitted disease chlamydia.

She told police she thought Wade-Bailey had it, too, and that she got it from him. The girl said for about a year and a half she did not think the incident was rape, but after thinking about it and talking to people she realized it was. Police spoke to the friend the girl had disclosed to after the prom, and she told police that the girl had bragged about having sex with Wade-Bailey before.

She said the girl is an "attention seeker" and is lying. The girl had told police she and her friend had been in an argument around the same time she disclosed the incident with Wade-Bailey. Police spoke to Wade-Bailey where he works in Bennington. Wade-Bailey said he spoke to her over Facebook a few years ago, but never met her in person, nor had she been to his house. When asked if she was ever in his room, Wade-Bailey said he did not wish to speak to police anymore.

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Zink wrote that he obtained a search warrant to search Wade-Bailey's house and he found the girl's description of the interior to be accurate. Contact Keith Whitcomb Jr. Edit Close.

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Log In. Shaftsbury man held without bail for sexual assualt of year-old. Share this. Dead man walking: Bennington man believed to be dead turns up at Home Depot. Bennington County to get federal assistance for July storm damage. Don't miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook. We also welcome letters to the editor for publication; you can do that by filling out our letters form and submitting it to the newsroom. Trending Now. Bennington man arraigned on assault with a deadly weapon charges; held without bail Dead man walking: Bennington man believed to be dead turns up at Home Depot Med flight lands in Manchester for crash on U.

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Sex in shaftsbury

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