Swinging in Reno, Nevada.

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There are clothing optional beaches at Tahoe, but it is not a place for "swinging". No one goes there to hook-up, flirt, look at each other, or to do anything perverted. It's about getting a full tan and being natural in a natural environment. The people there are a mixed group of older locals, college-aged kids, and hippie types.

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It's a very safe place for lone females, because everyone looks out for each others well-being. If someone is being super creepy, one of the beach veterans will step in to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe. Or if you don't mind rocks, you can find a private cove so you don't have to deal with anyone.

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Chimney is more about parties and drinking Skunk and Secret are more about being nude. It requires a steep hike down, so I would recommend only bringing 1 backpack per person. The water is very cold and only becomes tolerable in late August.

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As the locals say: "pack it in, pack it out". I've been going to chimney beach for a couple years now with no clue that it was clothing optional.

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Just go because it's a nice little hike down and it's pretty quiet. Now I know not to give a funny look if anyone decides to get naked :. I didn't know Skunk Harbor was clothing optional and I was up there last year My girlfriend and I go to the nude beach at Lake Tahoe in the summer, which is a lot of fun. We were interested in the swinger scene but saw really questionable reviews for the clubs so we haven't done anything with that.

Not exactly Reno, but have never had a problem avoiding tan lines on Boca. We've been to Dilligans and pokher-knights; we prefer pokher-knights. If you're willing to drive to Sacramento, there's a great club we also go to called Allures. Info on swinger events van be found here: www. Is there a swinger scene or nudist scene in Reno? Posted by 7 years ago.

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Swinging in Reno, Nevada.

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