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We at the Affordable Art Fair are so excited to highlight the wonderful work of treat gallery, one of our newest NYC exhibitors! We chatted with Founder, Sherri Littlefield, about their origins and mission, the different organizations they work with as well as the artists they will be exhibiting at the fall edition of the Affordable Art Fair NYC September 23 — 26, in just a few weeks. Read on to find out more!

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We make it a priority to work with emerging, differently abled and underrepresented artists and new collectors. We aim to keep the work we show accessible and affordable. By partnering with like-minded professionals and businesses, we believe we can make the art community stronger, more honest and tangible. The idea of treat gallery came to me in late At that time, I had been in New York City for less than a year and felt a lot of dealers and artists were distrusting of one another.

For many years, I worked as a shop technician for two top art colleges. How has the organization evolved? Each person chose a state affiliated non-profit that sales of their prints would later benefit. While managing the project was a handful, it was rewarding to get others thinking about how they could use their skills toward positive causes. During the pandemic, it was crucial that we continued helping others.

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We can take curatorial and financial risks because others have trusted our mission, and for that we are forever grateful. You mention that you are not a non-profit, but rather a contemporary art gallery helping local charities and non-profits — can you expand on your relationship with your partners and how you choose these causes? Often times, our exhibitions are themed to loosely match the beneficiary of our project.

Sometimes the exhibition theme comes first, other times a nonprofit is suggested first. We take recommendations from our artists and friends — and we work hard to keep things in good taste. We truly work side by side with our partners to ensure no missteps. Our favorite partners offer feedback, ideas and opportunities. The past year has been a time of extreme reckoning, but this spring we were able to return with a boutique edition of the Affordable Art Fair NYC and you were one of our exhibitors!

Can you share your experience being back IRL and doing what you do best, helping others in need with the help of art? We sold multiples pieces from each artist we exhibited, and even sold out of some work entirely. For two artists, this was their first time showing at a major art fair. Art music and comedy have helped many people cope with the pandemic.

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May was my first time seeing many of my colleagues IRL since March I was thankful that Affordable Art Fair put strict guidelines into attending the fair — I felt safe and valued, as did the attendees. These nonprofits cater from everyone to young children to the homebound elderly.

Food is a human right, and no one should go hungry. We will be donating funds to animal shelters and rehab centers in New York City. Our artist Parsley Steinweiss recommended Greenpoint Cats to us. I have a rescue rabbit, and we regularly donate and bring injured birds to Wild Bird Fund. Thank you so much to treat gallery for your time! Be sure to check out their online marketplace profile to discover more by their fantastic roster of artists. Get weekly s with ticket offers, inspiring articles, affordable artwork and events.

Home Inspiration Meet the Gallery: treat gallery. About art Meet the Gallery: treat gallery We at the Affordable Art Fair are so excited to highlight the wonderful work of treat gallery, one of our newest NYC exhibitors! Alice Zavelsky Sunday 22 August, Tell us a bit about how treat gallery was started and your founding mission. Ashok Sinha. Matt Mele. Betsy Enzensberger. Parsley Steinweiss. Art fanatic?

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We meet and i treat

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“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do so with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”