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My teenage daughter just came out to us as gay. We told her we love her and support her.

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As a heterosexual, cisgender mother, how do I make sure she gets good advice about sex? Do you know of any good, sex-positive advice books for lesbian teens? I ended up feeling that hetero girls—and boys, too—could learn a lot from their gay and bisexual female peers. So the orgasm gap we see among heterosexuals 75 percent of men report they come regularly in sexual encounters versus 29 percent of women disappears in same-sex encounters. Young women with same-sex partners climax at the same rate as heterosexual men.

As for good, sex-positive resources for teens of all identities and orientations, Orenstein had some great recommendations. Other inclusive, sex-positive, medically accurate websites include Sexetc. My husband and I are currently separated on a trial basis. He took all our condoms when he moved out, and I want to ask him if he plans on having sex with other women.

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But my husband refuses to discuss this aspect of our separation. He will discuss only co-parenting or financial issues.

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I would be okay with him having casual sex but not a romantic sexual relationship. If he sits there in silence, or his words are unpersuasive, tell him you now feel free to have sex with other people, too.

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Back in April, I met this girl. She seemed interested, but before we went out, she told me that she is a demisexual. I had to google it. After a few dates, she had me over to her place, we watched a movie and started making out.

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Fast-forward a couple months. Is demisexuality real? Should I keep pursuing her?

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We used to call people who needed to feel a strong emotional bond before wanting to fuck someone people who, you know, needed to feel a strong emotional bond before wanting to fuck someone. On the Lovecastcomedian Amy Miller. Listen up at savagelovecast.

Women want sex Eugene

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